Fairfield Pool & Gym Project

Fairfield Pool & Gym Project

Our community is raising money to add two much-needed facilities to our recreational assets: a new and improved outdoor pool and a year-round indoor gymnasium! These additions to our infrastructure will benefit our children and families, help grow our community by attracting and retaining residents, and support our school athletic programs. With the additions of a new gym, we will be able to host regional athletic competitions that we are currently unable to do. The new pool and the additional year-round indoor gymnasium will retain local dollars as well as bring out-of-town dollars into our economy. Most importantly, this project adds to the quality of life for the residents of Jefferson County.


Our outdoor pool, which has been a part of our community since 1967, has out-served its useful life by many years. Fairfield Park & Recreation Department kept the pool open and running as long as possible, but it became beyond repair and unsafe for use; hence the need for a new pool! The new pool design is based on current community needs and will offer much more!


The year-round gymnasium complex will offer new opportunities:

  • Provide additional practice space for our school sports teams, reducing the need for teams to practice in early morning and late evening (which is not conducive with widespread participation and a sound education)
  • Create destination points for adults and children, especially schoolchildren who need a safe, supervised, healthy place to go after school
  • Host regional athletic competitions and bring outside dollars into our economy
  • Encourage everyone in our community to participate even more in health and wellness activities


With the closing of the local movie theater and skating rink, our community needs to get behind a worthwhile project that will benefit the youth of our area as well as its citizens!


The new pool will be located right back in O.B. Nelson Park, same as the old pool and will offer many family-friendly features:

  • Zero-depth entry for little ones, the elderly and special needs
  • An interactive play area with many features of indoor waterparks
  • Numerous shallow water play features for younger children and non-swimmers
  • Shaded sitting areas
  • Water slide
  • Swimming lanes for training, relaxation and fitness
  • One meter height diving boards
  • Concession stand with many snack options
  • Improved bathhouse
  • Ample lawn space for comfort, beauty and additional play area


The new Gym will be located near the current Roosevelt Recreation facility, maximizing proximity parking and will feature:

  • Three full-sized courts surrounded by a running track; all indoors so it can be used year-round!
  • Courts can be used for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics as well as practice space for cheerleading and various athletic activities.
  • Bleachers will be incorporated to allow hosting regional events, which will bring outside dollars to Fairfield to strengthen our economy


Your support for this project will ensure that our children and future generations can continue to enjoy the same high quality of life our community has always offered. Citizens of every age can enjoy many recreational opportunities without leaving the area.Many local businesses are participating in the Live Healthy Iowa program which these new facilities will also support with their expanded opportunities. Our athletic programs will expand, which in turn offers more to our young people. Relieving the over usage of our school facilities will be less taxing on the district's infrastructure and budgets. Providing additional quality of life amenities to our community will continue to attract more families to live within our community. Your donation will support this timely project and move it forward!